Friday, 9 May 2008

More French pop

Imagine mon surprise when, over the top of Timbaland's familiar car horn chords, came not Keri Hilson but some woman singing in en francais. Said chanteuse is Tyssem (above) who has some lovely French R&B ditties of her own over here at HerSpace. Regarde, a future single, is tres bon. She's only 23 and having been touched by the hand of the Medusa of pop, Mr Timbaland, her career will no doubt turn to gold and she'll soon be singing in English, doing X-Rated vids in LA and saying "Becoz I'm worz eet" on L'Oriel TV ads. Good for her.

By the way, at 1.09 in The Way I Are, there's a translated line which made me guffaw my vin rosé all over myself. Sometimes there are just too many English words to say in French.

The Way I Are - Timbaland feat. Tyssem (zShare)

And the dance guru, Martin Solveig was a beach-listening favourite with his track C'est La Vie. Wongie first reported about the vid in chilly February. But this song came out too early. This is a definite summer time track. Enjoy peeplettes.

C'est La Vie (Radio Edit) - Martin Solveig (zShare)

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