Thursday, 8 May 2008

A Lorie load of French pop

So after a few days in Nice, which was the tune that caught my ear? Play by Lorie. A Poster Girl favourite, the so-called French Britney, (she's blonde, she does pop, why not?) had her latest song pumping on les stereos. It may be a few weeks old, but to me it was brand new conti-pop that will now forever remind me of the sunny Riviera. Have a little taste of sunshine below.

Play (Asdorve Single Version) - Lorie (zShare)

And here's her big French top 3 hit of last year, the delish Je Vais Vite.

Je Vais Vite (Radio Edit) - Lorie (zShare)

Go to HerSpace.


Yuяi said...

This has been an on-going topic over at Postergirl's place, but you know that the French think Lorie's music is "for the kids" right? I totally disagree and think she's hot stuff! Thanks for posting these mixes too, btw. I likey!

Phil said...

Methinks da kids have excellent taste. Boo to the boring grown-ups.

2LOR said...

Can you put it up again please? It doesn't work anymore.

2LOR said...
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