Saturday, 10 May 2008

We wanna be together...

Heaven 17! ABC!! The Human League!!! On the same bill!!!! Well, it had to happen eventually. Martyn Ware and Phil Oakey kissed and made up a long time ago, so it's surprising that it has taken so long. Touring under the banner of The Steel City Tour 2008 - they all hail from Sheffield - they will be spreading the love in 10 UK cities. I've never been a fan of those Tony Denton-promoted 80s nostalgia fests, probably because the bands are so mismatched or overated. But this is different. These three bands have a shared history - Heaven 17 WAS The Human League at one point and, more importantly, I facking love 'em!

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Tickets are on sale here, but only five of the concerts are listed. You can get to the London tickets via here.

Thanks to Electronically Yours for the news and David Beevers for the flyer scans.


Michael said...


I can't even tell you how sickly jealous that makes me, because of course I live in the US. That is one hell of a dream line-up.

Joseph said...

Oh, I would love to see this. What a great idea. So sad I'm thousands of miles away.