Saturday, 24 May 2008

Three forgotten synth gems

Love Cascade - Leisure Process (zShare) (1983)

Leisure Process were singer Ross Middleton and Gary Barnacle, a saxophonist who can be heard on Soft Cell, China Crisis and Pet Shop Boys' tracks. The Human League's Producer, Martin Rushent, took these two boys under his wing during their three-year career and on this bouncy little number you can hear his League drum breaks, especially at 2.00 just before Barnacle's sax goes mental.

The Great Divide - Portion Control
(zShare) (1985)

This lot have been around for AGES. Formed in 1980, and still together today as the duo you see above, John Whybrew and Dean Piavani. I played this track almost into oblivion and remember buying it because I thought it sounded a bit like Depeche Mode at the time. In fact, DM have often said how much they like Portion Control. And it was DJ Annie Nightingale (bless) who championed them on the radio; she does love her obscurities.

The Promise - When In Rome
(zShare) (1988)

When In Rome, singers Clive Farrington and Andrew Mann and keyboard player Michael Floreale, were a much bigger deal in the States than here back home. This track was a US Top 20 hit but never got a look in on the UK charts. It was covered by the lovely Marsheaux on their recent Peek-a-boo album. I had actually forgotten about the track, but when I heard the cover, it was familiar enough to dig it up and get reaccquainted. The band is currently touring in Asia with a Flock of Seagulls. Squawk.


Andrew said...

Love that Portion Control track, I saw them supporting Depeche Mode in Liverpool in the very early 80s. Great, dark industrial electro noise!

Michael said...

I LOVE Leisure Process.

I LOVE Martin Rushent.

Great tune.