Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Brand new Marc Almond performance

An old single, Please Stay, with a band called Mekon released as a tribute to legendary record producer Joe Meek in 2000, has proved so popular on his MySpace player, Marc Almond whizzed 'round to his mate's house and filmed a brand new performance of it for BooTube. Made by Jamie McLeod and Screan in two hours, Marc's donning a luvverly quiff, more akin to Hilda Ogden than a modern day teddy boy! His voice fits these old songs like a glove.

A film about Joe Meek, Telstar, is in production right now with a great cast, including Kevin Spacey, James Corden, Rita Tushingham and, er, Jon S Club (he's playing Billy Fury!). Duffy has recorded Please Stay as the theme tune. Marc, you was robbed! Here's her version anyway...


V said...

I love it. He's quite the Torch Singer.

Joseph said...

I heard this for the first time on his MySpace page a couple of days ago and really liked it a lot. Thanks for the tip that there's a video!

I love Marc. He's been so prolific as a solo artist and so much of it has been really wonderful but he never gets any credit. It is shameful that an artist of his caliber has had so many issues with labels treating him like shit.