Monday, 11 August 2008

Keep up at the back!

Worra busy week last week, hence the lack of Bloggage. A distinct lack of media too makes my head feel fuzzy... need. to. hear. bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. *switches on radio/TV/iTunes and vacuum cleaner*

Ah, that's better. Now the band above, Melee (can't be arsed finding the proper accents above the 'e's) are a strange current obsession. They're a bit OneRepublicCorporateRock. Judging from their MySpace, they're bombastic and catchy but not my bag. But I've been getting into the track Built to Last. Sounding like a cross between Keane and the Carpenters (it's all in the poly-voiced chorus) this song came out to precisely no one buying it in February and the current re-release seems to have fizzled out too. But stadiums beckon and they probably will have a massive album and we'll all get sick of hearing them. Until then...

Built to Last - Melee


UPDATE on Jessie, the new thang for 08/09: Sexy Silk, the debut single, can be heard on TV! Nivea Body Cream (natch) have used it as a backing track for their new ad. 'Twas a pleasant surprise when it blipped up in break on Celebrity Wife Swap (BTW, how neanderthal and infuriating is Alexander O' Neal. Criticize? I was livid). As soon as it's up on BooTube I'll post it here... This is interesting for two reasons, firstly the song will subconciously seep into the nation's brain so that when the release comes around - in September/October it will feel vare familiar, secondly, Gut Records seem to be following a different path to breaking Jessie that Adele/Duffy/Mika were lead down. I was convinced that it would be a low key push in the autumn followed by a bigger onslaught for a January single to get onto the New for '09 lists. By the way, the song sounds BRILLIANT on TV.

Jessie is supporting Taio Cruz in some upcoming gigs around town this month. And over on HerSpace there's a fabulosa new track called Hello. Catchy? Hello? Go have a look/hear here.


Australia's Sneaky Sound System seem to making an impact over here in the UK. They're coming over for a few gigs in September when hopefully we'll get the rest of the album. At the mo', the old/new single Pictures is popping up all over the shop. It's such a sugar rush of a track, like drowning in Chuppa Chups: upbeat and a perfect summer anthem.

Pictures - Sneaky Sound System (zShare)


Talking of sugary records, I rediscovered this track after doing an iPod trawl. I LOVED this track when it first came out in 1985. Icing on the Cake was Stephen 'Tin Tin' Duffy's follow-up to his bigger hit Kiss Me and I much prefer it out of the two - it reminds me of summer. It's one of those songs that, whilst not exactly referencing summer, was released in summer and always has that association (oooh, I can feel a post coming on). There's a great collection of his songs which came out in 2001: They Call Him Tin Tin is available here at iTunes and here at Amazon

Icing on the Cake - Stephen 'Tin Tin' Duffy

P.S. the cover of that single was shot in Roupell Street in Waterloo, London. Just down the road from me. I get my hair cut there at the best barbers in town!


Adem With An E said...

I'm happy Sneaky are making waves over there; they deserve all the success possible. You're definitely getting their NEW album too with the singles from the first tacked on at the end. New album, "2" is probably my 2nd favourite of the year so far, and not likely to budge unless my mighty Aloud come up with an absolute stomper before years end.

Rodwellian said...

I have been searching all over for this album cover art online. That is the Icing on the Cake one. I had this 12 inch as a teenager in small town Canada and loved it. Thank you so much for helping me find it. Do you think I can use it in a post on my blog (i'll definitely link back and credit you)

Neat to know where it was shot as well.

Phil said...

Rodwellian, it's a pleasure. I love this track. It always makes me smile. Have a look at the location here: