Thursday, 21 August 2008

The perfect UK summer track

With all those bruised skies and spitting rain, summer here has definitely wimped off. The Sun Ain't Shining No More, a retro lament for love lost by the even more retro monikered Asteroids Galaxy Tour is the perfect soundtrack to play while you're sat indoors looking out over sodden Britain - apologies to those of you have a brilliant summer, actually, no apologies at all, ya bastards.

The band are a six-piece and hail from Denmark and seem to have hit on a timely sound with their John Barry meets B52s. I love the James Bond strings in the chorus. On their MySpace (go and check out another great track The Golden Age) it explains how they came to be noticed after supporting Amy Winehouse in Copenhagen - who hasn't these days?! Band founder, Lars Iversen, says of the singer, Mette Lindberg: "It’s her voice I have in my head when I write every song. She is a great inspiration and the longer we’re together, the more the music becomes a collaborative effort. If I present her with a song she always adds brilliant ideas of her own, or sings it in a way I hadn’t expected, taking the song to a new level.”

Jo Whiley seems to have taken notice of the band, so expect their UK presence to step up a gear around the beginning of September!

The Sun Ain't Shining No More - The Asteroids Galaxy Tour (zShare)

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