Sunday, 24 August 2008

Sunday sermon

Reading the words "best thing you will see on the internet" my heart sinks. But this BooTube clip more than lives up to them. The original version is here but it's this drum 'n' bass one I saw over on do1frood that tickles, especially at 1.30 when the girl in turqoise gets a little carried away and pushes over her fellow Holy Ghoster. There's also a severed link, on the do1frood site to Brandy's new track Right Here (Departed) which is full of her trademark beats and vocal filters but is a lot more tuneful than the last workout. Sterling stuff. Listen here.


There are a couple of Human League covers doing the rounds. Well, one and a third really. The Sirens' track Dreams (clicky here for a BooTube stream) tacks the chorus of These Are the Things That Dreams Are Made Of onto a rubbish song. I'm all for mix 'n' match in music - anything is possible and all that - but the phrase 'polishing a turd' springs to mind. And the walking advert for Mane Hair Thickener, Tony Christie, has just recorded a version of Louise for his collection of tracks Made in Sheffield, (can you see what he's done there?). Now this is what I call a cover and it's produced by bloggers' delight Richard Hawley. Clicky here for a listen.


Lorraine are back! Back!! BACK!!! XO has managed to prise them out from under their Norwegian rock and got Ole Gundersen, the singer, to talk about new recordings and how Neil Tennant has been buying clothes for him. Frustratingly though, there's still no actual date for the new album, only that there is one and it's called Pop Noir.


Talking of disappearing acts, has anyone seen this man, Mylo? He's popping up as a DJ at today's Get Loaded in The Park 2008 at Clapham Common (couldn't think of a worse event and its equally worse attendees, quite frankly), but his recording version is nowhere to be seen. Destroy Rock & Roll came out four, yes FOUR years ago. Obviously his hit album spawned loads of work offers which kept him away from the studio, quite literally when he became a travel writer for the Guardian, but work on the follow-up started two years ago. My guess is that something will surface at the end of the year with an album in January. If you've heard any different, let me know! As long as someone tells me he's got brilliant singers with great vocal parts on the new stuff, I'll be happy.


Mark said...

Hola, lovin your blog, there's so much good stuff on there!!

Adem With An E said...

MYLO!! Where DID he go?!?! I was discussing his MIA status with my friend the other week! My favourite from that album of his was "Muscle Car." Remember the Bush related video clip for that?

SPEAKING OF, at the same time I was thinking of Mylo, I was also wondering where a certain female duo went to. Do you remember that Armand Van Helden track "Hear My Name" which was sung by the spank-friendly girls from Spalding Rockwell? They had a rather good album out of their own electroclashy stuff but, since then, nothing! Their MySpace is gone and their website hasn't been updated in years! I miss them, they were bloody good.

Joseph said...

"Dreams" by Sirens doesn't hold a candle to "Finest Dreams" by Richard X (featuring Kelis) in terms of songs that steal wholesale from "The Things That Dreams Are made of." If you haven't heard it, I hiiiiighly suggest you track it down. It is FAB in the extreme.

Gregling said...

Love the Sunday Sermon vid, it's insane! Think I might just have bettered it though, check out the new post. Best. Dancing. Ever.