Sunday, 3 August 2008

Hit that perfect beat

Electro popsters eh? They're like buses. You wait ages for one to come and then all of a sudden there's loads of 'em. The Ultrasonics have long been an EY and EQ favourite and were PJ's Song of the Day a few weeks back. The song Perfect Girl is actually available on the 25th of this month (after knocking around for weeks now) and you can hear it on their MySpaz by clicking here. It's like a fruity, shimmering, lipgloss complete with a big bubblegum chorus that goes pop all over your face. Another track on their MySpace player Love Addiction is just as fresh but a more spearmint kind of pop. Just dee-lovely.

The Ultrasonics are fronted by the very radio-friendly voice of Johanna Lee Gervin. Here's their slinky version of Sweet Dreams at Soho Revue Bar's popshow performed last December...

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