Friday, 15 August 2008

Solange: she's completely hatstand...

...or mad as a box of frogs. In this interview in today's Guardian headed "I want to be the black Bjork" her conversation bounces off all corners of the room whilst never actually hitting the target. Robo-Beyonce, the anodyne pop star sis must be turning in her air-free mansion at comments like: "People think I'm high, even when I'm sober," she says. "You probably think I'm high right now." But then again, at 22, Solange is already a divorced mother of one with a penchant for sex on weed. I'm exaggerating, just like the Guardian piece, but is this a Knowles tactic? To launch Solange as the antithisis to big sis?

Whatever, she's refreshing and the craziness is no act as this blog on her MySpace, posted last Friday, confirms: "Since folks seem to get their panties and briefs in a bunch when they see my dry sense of humor. Daria (Yes, the animated one) and Larry David (curb your enthusiasm) are my Idols. I released a you tube clip this week [BooTube, it's gone!] and I think its hilarious that people think I was under the influence of some sort. Ya Ya Woopsie Guys. If I was high, guess I was high off life or ghost dust on the set. hehehehe. Anyways....I know this blender piece will provoke that disposition even more. When you see me getting carried out of the club or stumbling out of a bar, then get worried. Its called HUMOR people, find a sense of one and get used to me having one.
Ps: Feels good to be in London where saying Fuck is perfectly Normal.
I can even say it on T.V..... can u believe it?"

The Guardian writer, Alex Macpherson, hits the nail on the head when he sees her rubber ball conversation as a "defence mechanism". However rebellious she may appear next to big sis', she's a Knowles after all and ain't no one going to probe any deeper than she decides.

She's also got a much better album than her sister could ever dream of. See here for the post about current single I Decided, and here's a marvelously titled newbie from the forthcoming Sol-Angel and the Hadley St Dreams. "I ain't nothing but a sandcastle, don't blow me away".

Sandcastle Disco - Solange (zShare)

This video, from Stone Soul Picnic for WKYS in the States shows Solange recognising a fellow fruitcake when a drunk invades the stage for a birrof a dance. She's a kindly soul. At 3:30 she tells security, "He ain't hurting nobody".


DanProject76 said...

Oh yes. I Like her, she's an un-blanded Bryonce.

Paul said...

I'm stunned that i like her so much! I've heard 3 or 4 songs now and they are all proper bonza! It's all your fault damn you :P

Adem With An E said...

She's at that point (for me, anyway) where Beyonce SHOULD have been by now, in the sense that I love her, am slightly amazed by her and even a little scared. Completely disregarded her the first time around though, but now; where did this fabulously bonkers creature come from?

Bye Bye Bouncey. You're not needed anymore.

Anonymous said...

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