Wednesday, 30 May 2007

"Oh my life!" Unashamed Big Brudder post.

I always enjoy the launch night of Big Brother so it'd be churlish not to mention it. *ahem*

As was reported, it's Big Sister; an all-woman house... I'll be enthusiastic about it in waves, so please bear with me! At the moment, riding on a wave of shiny new first night excitement, my level of interest is 9 out of 10. And obviously, anything I write about the inmates on the first night won't be true 12 weeks later. Here are three I actually LIKED on first impressions:

Love. Her. Everyone is going to hate this self-confessed 'it' girl from South London, (who the hell calls THEMSELVES an 'it' girl), therefore, I'm going cheer her on. For five minutes. She hasn't got a job and she doesn't want one, but she loves money, fame and clubbing. I hate her already but I like her.

A 53 year old activist from East London. I've seen her on the 106 bus! It's Millie Tant from Viz comic. "Beats not bombs". Fucking hell. I like her.

"I like cigarettes and electro". Even though I myself gave up smoking, I still like cigarettes and I love electro, and so, ergo, I like Nicky.

As for the rest, I hate them all, (the twins!!! The cheesey raver!!!!) but will probably love them next week. Ah. Welcome back cabbage TV.


toby Ray said...

Oh God, I knew I had seen Carole somewhere, and I bet it was on the 106 too!

Anonymous said...

Big Brother is dull and so is this blog. Yawns.

Tricky said...

Ignore the bitch above, Phil, we love you.

DanProject76 said...

I said I wouldn't but I have. And now I hate myself.

'ave it!

Phil said...

I love the way people who post rude comments are too chicken to be traced. What do they think is going to happen? Someone say something nasty about them?
Worra cnut.

Phil said...

Toby ray, she's vare familiar int she?

Thanks Trickster

Hahahaha Dan 'ave it. What's she like. 'Unlucky Kentucky'. WTF?

Adem IAR said...

Loving Carole, Nicky and Worrapolava. That is all.