Saturday, 14 July 2007

Ali, Love it!

Ali Love, the vocalist on The Chemical Brothers' brilliant Do It Again has his own tune out on Monday in the UK. Secret Sunday Lover is de-lovely lazy funk, perfect for Sunday head nodding in a summer beer garden, (I'm sure I heard a namecheck for Brick Lane's 93 Feet East bar in there). I really like Ali's voice too, especially the cute speech impediment going on: 'Got a bwain like bubblegum, blowing up my cwanium'. On this one he goes, 'earfbound'. Aw!

Taking his inspiration from the decade he was born into and being a bedroom musical boffin seems a bit en vogue at the moment. Two's a coincidence and three's the trend with Ali, Calvin Harris (who he spookily resembles) and Pleasure's Fred Ball. Ali had an overlooked single last year called K-Hole ('Lipstick on my left cheek, and a bwooze on the other side') which was a cringing account of a night spent on Ketamine. It made ME wince.
Anyhoo, love the new single, the vid of which is just below. Want to hear more, then there's some aural booty over on his MySpace and a sparse but brand new website.

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