Monday, 9 July 2007

Happy Birthday to a Salty Dog

Marc Almond is 50 today! 50!! Can't believe it, but hey, all our pop stars have to grow older at some point. Marc is doing this as disgracefully as possible and will be celebrating with a sold out concert at Sherpherd's Bush Empire tonight. I'm going, so I'll report back, but until then, here's the TV ad for Stardom Road (see seperate post, thanks YouTube and your dumb embedding nonsense) and a gorgeous over the top cover from 1986.

A Salty Dog - Marc Almond (mp3 Download)

Marc outside my favourite cafe on the edge of Soho.

1 comment:

djethell said...

Any chance you can upload this beautiful track again?
Sad to see the Piccadilly has also gone. Shame you can't magically upload that too!