Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Even if it makes it twice as hard

The header above is from the stonking chorus of Hard by new band I Am Finn. But the singer/songwriter and powerhouse behind the London group, Liam Lever, could just have been watching too many Carry On movies. Imagine, a shot of Babs Windsor on her knees in front of an upright cackling Sid James, saying, "Even if it makes it twice as hard!" and then the camera whip pans around to the front of her to reveal she's actually blowing up an airbed...

But then, watching the vid (posted seperately below) it's not about that at all. In fact Liam, the lovechild of Iggy Pop and Janice Dickenson, is quite serious.

Go have a look at their MySpace where more tunes are streamed. Bad Luck is a particular favourite sounding anthemic and intimate at the same time with a right old late 80's AOR geetar solo in the middle and another storming chorus. They're clever buggers this lot.

There was a tune at the end of last year that I kept hearing when I was out, and it turns out to be a remix of a much sparser, tuneful track I Love You. It's amazing how loose ends tie up with a little research. This remix and the original share only the vocals in common. That remix, by duo Van She Tech, stands up on it's own, and that vocoder break had me thinking Imogen Heap every time I heard it.

I Love You (Van She Tech remix) - I Am Finn (mp3 Download)

Update: And go to IAMFINN.com for another FREE TRACK!!!

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Adem IAR said...

Hopefully Van She will get their act together and release their actual album of productions sometime this year. As lovely as all the remixes are, I've been waiting nearly 2 years for this promised LP!