Saturday, 14 July 2007

And What I Am Needs Some Excusing!

Oops! Doing in the trade, what is known as a 'Donna', eg., "Oh, my giddy aunt, she's done a Donna!", Gloria Gaynor has shat all over her (namesake) gay audience. On Radio 4's Woman's Hour, she proclaimed that she wants to "Lead gays to Christ" and when pulled up on what she actually thinks of homosexuality, refused to say anything. So, a performance at G.A.Y. isn't just a regular PA to La Gaynor, but a missionary experience. Oh please.

Go here to listen to the interview.

It's the height of ignorance and arrogance to assume it's acceptable to sing anthems of emancipation like I Am What I Am and I Will Survive for ANY minority group and then dismiss them as being somehow sinful and therefore wrong. Her views on feminism fall into this category. Apparently, women asking for equality are men haters. Gloria! Stop! Now! I used to have a lot of time for her; in the studio, she recorded I Will Survive in a back brace after falling on stage. Suffering for your audience like that, how gloriously gay, I used to think.

I'm sorry to say that her two hits will now be tainted with her own homophobia. Thanks, Gloria.

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J'ason D'luv said...

If she put dynamite up her squid tunnel, she'd see Jesus.