Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Pull my puppet strings

The word is out. Kylie's coming back with... a cover, maybe. Apparently, for a laugh, she recorded Roxy Music's Love Is a Drug and Culture Club's 1983 hit Victims; the latter being full of comedic value we presume.

There's something up in Camp Kylie. This interview with shouty singer, Luciana, on popjustice revealed the possible rabbit-in-headlights panic over decent material for the lead-off single. The world and his wife have been contributing songs including, thankfully, Xenomania and Cathy Dennis - let's just hope Timbaland was too busy when they called. Actually, it's a blessed relief that the Scissors' White Diamond hasn't been slated for single release... I don't know about anyone else, but I struggled to find the tune. And the middling ho-hum leaks a few weeks back only add to the sense of foreboding. I'm not sure a cover is the answer, especially one as serious and dramatic as Victims. But I wouldn't mind being proved wrong.

Anyhoo, here, in case you forgot how good Boy George's Christmas singalong was (and it is, honest! It's one of my favourites), here it is:

Victims - Culture Club
(mp3 Download)


xolondon said...

I have that 12 inches! :) Love that song. Colour By Numbers is one of my alltime fave albums.

KM looks rough in that pic!

Phil said...

AW! Pity Colour By Numbers was their peak though.

Tricky said...

"Camp Kylie". How apt.

I do think it's a little bit strange that she has just kept on recording and recording and recording, and rather than stick with one producer to create a gem, has got every man and his dog to come on board. The latest is Stuart Price, or so they are saying. I would be fascinated to hear what he would do.

My feeling is that this will be a great record if her people just relax and allow her to be pop, to stop trying to create some directional electro masterpiece. An honest, slightly tacky-sounding hook-laden disco album will be absolutely what is required, not The Dark Side of the Moon.

... and two of those leaks were outstanding (in my book). If she can equal or better those, we're onto a winner.

V said...

Victims is my favorite CC song of all time! Still listening to it after all these years.

Adem IAR said...

I did love the french house brilliance of "In My Arms," but it most certainly would only do as an album track and not a lead single.

I just hope the Calvin Harris tracks are as good as I've heard they are.

Phil said...

Tricky, Stuart price working with her sounds perfect. A mixture between Zoot Woman and the Madge album would hit the right spot.

V, I love the video for Victims too: Georgie girl wobbling away on the cherry picker in the massive Pinewood sound stage with the string section clearly freezing.

And Adem, I hope the Calvin tracks are as good too, as HE is saying. That man does love himself a lot!

J'ason D'luv said...

I'm going out on a limb and filing this all the under "rumo(u)r" category.

Phil said...

You're right Mr D'Luv, rumours abound on this album because there's so much involvement from all quarters...