Saturday, 28 July 2007

The 7 One Hit Wonders...

...of my world, anyway.

Part two.


The other day I lost my iPod. I know. It's a shiteous thing to happen, but luckily I have all my tunes backed up onto CD so it was just the actual gadget. Whoever ends up with it will have a brilliant selection; eclectic and totally me. A bit of Margaret Berger there, a lot of Pet Shop Boys here and a little bit of Cilla Black (!!) for good luck. The iPod was in a bag which somehow went missing on a Friday night bender between leaving Profile bar, calling in at Burger King in Leicester Square (the shame of it) and climbing into an unlicensed minicab. I think most of my dignity was in that bag too. Oh dear.

Ah well. But there is a silver lining to my little tale of woe. My fella bought me a replacement! So I'm spending this weekend catching up with all my lovely tunes as I fill up the new one. And going through them, a blog occurred.

I've got hundreds of one-offs where I only have one tune by a particular artist. This is usually because I either haven't bothered to look for more (Dream) or I haven't actually liked the rest of their stuff (A1) or that's all they've produced (Sweet Female Attitude - well, there might be more, but none of any cop). Anyway, like the previous post, I've called them my 7 One Hit Wonders, and here's part two in alphabetical order:

A1 - Caught in the Middle
(mp3 Download)
Dream - He Loves U Not (mp3 Download)
Girlthing - Girls On Top (mp3 Download)
Hear'say - Lovin' Is Easy (mp3 Download)
Jentina - French Kisses (mp3 Download)
Nadiya - Roc (mp3 Download)
Sweet Female Attitude - Flowers (mp3 Download)

And because he's a one-off in his own right, here's my one and only Pete Burns track. I loved Dead or Alive and this is his only solo effort. Released before the nation was repulsed by his Celeb Big Brother antics (they actually endeared me to him) and written with and produced by the Pet Shop Boys. It was only available by mail order about three years ago. It actually sounds more like a PSB B-side, until the sub-Soft Cell lyrics come in. But I still love it!

Pete Burns - Jack & Jill Party (mp3 Download)

And, searching for a pic of Pete, I came across this (not literally) at Lady Bunny's website. I belly laughed, and just what IS that on the stage by his feet???!!


Adem IAR said...

Girls On Top!! I was just listening to that album of theirs last night!

Oh, and the Pete Burns link actually links to the mp3 of "Flowers"...

Adem IAR said...

ps: bummer about the ipod. :(

Phil said...

Oops! Thanks for the Pete Burns boo-boo. It's sorted, so you should be able to download it, Adem!

iPod, shmiPod. I lost the shell, the tunes are safe and sound. Phew.