Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Sweet Siobhan

Bless. I could just eat her. Erm, maybe not, but this down-to-earth lass deserves a cheery "Well done" for going through the soul-destroying four year tenure with Keisha in the Sugababes and coming out of it the other side without bitterness, reproach or a sack of potatoes on her delicate shoulder.

In this hotel room interview with Sky Showbiz (says what it does on the tin), she talks about not ruling out a collaboration with Mutya and, joy of joys, debunks the romanticising of the greasy, spotty-arsed smackhead, Pete Doherty.

Click on this link here to view the interview. I haven't worked out how to post it properly. I'm sure I'm not pressing the right knob or three.


xolondon said...

I fucking love her. I am dispirited by braindead members of the PJ board backtracking on her b/c the CD is not selling.

Phil said...

And it's exactly that sort of attitude which kills careers. If everyone became doomsayers when the likes of Kate Bush had a commercial flop, she wouldn't be around today. I know Siobahn hasn't even got out of the starting block, but there's no need for keeping her there!