Sunday, 18 November 2007

All tangled up in Girls Aloud

I'm becoming slightly obsessed with GA. After years of being slightly interested, along comes the single Call the Shots and I'm all ears. And then the album Tangled Up totally captivates me. Bona!

Last night's contestants on The X Factor were given sage advice from the girls (mainly consisting of "Just go out and have fun"). Cheryl can talk for England and has an opinion on EVERYTHING. But she's really sweet with it, just watch her with Leon: "And I voted for ya!". Bless. Nadine's accent is still impenetrable and Nicola never gets a look in. Maybe her advice was peppered with too many 'fooks'. Who knows. Here's all the bits edited together.

And here's the Girls' Own performance on the results show. Obviously, all the acts have to sing live on this show so there are a few wobbly bits, but over all, marvellous!

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