Saturday, 10 November 2007

It's all going Pete Tong...

I quite like the Headlines single. If it was a. n. other track on the album, I wouldn't skip it... but as a comeback single it's proving to be doing more harm than any good at all. Selling just over 5,000 copies on downloads this week will give it a chart placing of 20. Not very good for so much time and money spent on the Spices' reunion thus far. Pretty dire really.

And the press are going to love the news come Monday. That and the fact that Radio 1 has decided not to playlist the track will mean the tour and subsequent singles will have to be fucking good. Radio 1 got right to the point in their decision to play the track ONCE a day: "Clearly there's a huge number of Spice Girls fans out there - look at the tickets they have sold. But 'Headlines' is very disappointing. The song simply isn't strong enough.. it would have been a B-side in their heyday."

David Walliams looks fabulosa, BTW.

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