Monday, 19 November 2007

A Whole Lotta History

Five years ago! Nicola was only 16, Sarah had even worse hair, Kimberley was flat, Nadine dressed like her mum and Cheryl was a bigger Geordie in all senses of the word. How times have changed. Mind you, don't we all have our faults looking back. Here's a timely reminder of how it all began...

This was the final of Popstars the Rivals when Girls Aloud were chosen. The performances are very ropey compared to recent X Factor/Idol shows, which blows the theory that the contestants are getting worse. The biggest shock of the night was Javine Hylton not making the band line-up. Throughout the series, her and Nadine were consistently the best out of the lot. I doubt whether the band would still be around if Javine had been part of GA. Her and Cheryl, best of friends, but two feisty gals like that could easily be the worst of enemies.

We all loved the tears when the band was chosen. I love Cheryl's laddish "Coooome on!" when she was chosen. And Nicola, bless her, like a rabbit in headlights.

Anyhoo, a week after this, Sound of the Underground was released and the boyband 'rivals' One True Voice (still the most cringeworthy name ever) were obliterated. Hey ho.


xolondon said...

I've never seen that! If Javine had won, she would've boffed all the other girl's men by now.

Phil said...

Except Ashley Cole... I doubt whether even someone as pram-faced as Javine would even THINK of messing with the Geordie heavyweight!