Saturday, 17 November 2007

The bum's rush

Even though Booty Luv's new track Some Kinda Rush can be heard on a commercial radio station near you it's officially not out 'til Christmas Eve. That either means tracks are being played to death again way before release or 24th December is actually not that far away. Shit! Note to self: must start Christmas shopping tomorrow.

Nadia and Cherise have enlisted a myriad of remixers on the track to keep everyone from Hoxton to Hartlepool happy. This one below by the house stalwarts (ie; they've been at it for donkeys) Soul Avengerz is my favourite. It's like 1992 all over again. But remember kids, they're singing about a 70s heavy Metal band, NOT about coming up on E.

Some Kinda Rush (Soul Avengerz Mix) - Booty Luv (zShare)

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