Sunday, 25 November 2007

We came, we saw, we ate a cupcake

It was bitingly cold yesterday. Even thick scarves and coats couldn't keep out the winter weather, so we took refuge in the House of Homosexual Culture. Well, their Christmas Fayre, to be precise, which was full of warmth and winter cheer. It was cupcakes and pom-poms a-go-go at St John's Church in Waterloo.

A milky cup of coffee, a snip at 50p and I had a nice sit down to watch the goings on. The Feeling's Dan Gillespie (he's teeny tiny!) was there having a right old chinwag with all and sundry. Amy Lamé, Duckie's New Jersey-born hostess with the most-ess was showing everyone how to make pom-poms - which took EVERYONE back to infant school. Sirena (Sir Ian Mckellen) was due to turn up and lend his support, but we missed him. Hey Ho. We bought some pom-pom making kits and headed off for a hearty Steak and stout pie at the pub around the corner. And very microwaved it was too.

Here's a suitably festive accompaniment:
Holiday on Skis - Al Caiola And Riz Ortolani


xolondon said...

Oh my GOD. My heart aches to be in England right now. This gayish churchy whole spectacle would thrill me. I probably would have actually bought shit.

Nice pink tree. I am going to a party on the 1st where the first 20 guests get a free pink tree. I am so camping out in front of my friend's house.

xolondon said...

PS: I love that song you posted.

Phil said...

XO, read this post by Chelsea Kelsey:

It sums up gay London in 'glamorous' November. It's the month before 'that big old tart December rolls into town'. Beautifully written!

And I'll be posting more of those cocktail Christmas tracks!