Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Presenting Eliza Lumley, (no relation)...

Last night was a very grown-up affair. Dinner and cabaret rolled into one. How simply deeeviiine.

A friend, Eliza Lumley, was performing her new album, She Talks in Maths: Interpretations of Radiohead, at Pizza on the Park. Eliza's made her name on Broadway and the West End starring in big old juggernauts like Mary Poppins and Mama Mia, so this project really is her own.

Now between you and me, jazz versions of a band I've never really been into could have been the equvalent of nails-on-blackboard for me. But as it was a friend, and as I actually enjoyed the tracks once I'd heard them on HerSpace I dragged my sorry arse down there. With the Jazz combo backing band, she performed a cover of my favourite Smiths song too! Please, Please, Please... became bittersweet and was gorgeously arranged. The album is available on iTunes, together with the Smiths'cover! Bona!

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