Sunday, 18 November 2007

Remix Sunday

To coin a phrase from the frankly fabulous Palmsoutsounds I've called this post Remix Sunday. With remixes there has to be some tough love going on otherwise we'd be drowning in a digital sea of musical makeovers. Plain and simple, the criteria is shit or not shit. Below are the ones that made the grade.

2 Hearts (Version by Studio) - Kylie (mp3 download)

This is a fantastic version of the Kylster's single. Swedish duo, Studio, make lovely chunky electro fed through an 80s filter. Their track West Side is always a pleasant surprise when it shuffles up on my iPod. TheirSpace.

Sasparilla Kiss (Skylab Remix) - Coco Electrik
(mp3 download)

The wonderfully named Anne Booty, lead singer of Coco Electrik, is one to watch. She's good with images of herself if the pics on
are anything to go by. There are some fab shots by music photographer god, Dean Chalkley. This remix by band member Matt Ducasse, aka Skylab, is, dare I say it, better than the original.

Up To You (Ercola Remix) - The Millioners (mp3 download)

Back in May I wrote about The Millioners, a Finnish dance act with gorgeous songs. Check out TheirSpace for more tracks. This version of Up To You is dee-gorgeous! It's actually by the producer, Ercola, of their album Most Sexiest Music. The equally Finnish Ercola has a great track out called Follow Me featuring Annie on vocals. Hear it on HisSpace.

Here Comes the Rain Again (Freemasons Remix) - Eurythmics (mp3 download)

Can the Freemasons do no wrong? I love this version of one of my favourite Annie 'n' Dave tracks. Sometimes remixes of old tracks just sound WRONG. How many versions of Sweet Dreams have made your toes curl? But this remix takes nothing away from the original and picks up on exactly the right tone to create another original. Here's TheirSpace.

Breakin' Dishes (Soul Avengerz Remix) - Rihanna
(mp3 download)

Just like the Freemasons above, Soul Avengerz hardly ever put a foot wrong. This Rihanna track ticks all the boxes and is another remix that's better than the original. Look here for the fab Booty Luv remix.

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Adem With An E said...

I really quite like that remix of 2 Hearts... very chilled/Mediterranean in sound.