Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Another great band from Yorkshire

I just recently stumbled on York's Deltawave through the mighty Popjustice. They had made Neon, a track streamed here on the band's MySpace, their single of the day. They're like a chunkier-sounding version of electro band de jour, Pleasure, with nods to Human League, Depeche Mode and Altered Images with an Abba-like line up consisting of: Andrew Firth, Linda Blandine, Jessica Rose and Paul O'Keeffe.

Since then, having found other tracks, it's this one I can't stop popping.

Strychnine and Soda - Deltawave (mp3 Download)

For a throwaway interview with Andy, complete with the WORST intro ever, go HERE.


HotstuffFiles said...

I'm sure I could make a not-so-funny comment about Popjustice's Peter Robinson being behind the good - your discovery - and the bad - that awful intro, but I won't. I'll just stop right now.

Phil said...

Don't!That's High-lare-rious.