Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Love that sweet sound

What a coup to get Candi 'The Source' Staton on your record. I FINALLY got a copy of Groove Armada's Soundboy Rock today and I FINALLY got to play this gem of a track all the way through. I'm still amazed at how GA have suddenly popped up onto my radar after skirting under it like a bad smell for years.

Love Sweet Sound - Groove Armada ft. Candi Staton (mp3 Download)


DanProject76 said...

That track is one of my favourites on the rather good album, along with Out Of Control and Things That We Could Share. Hurrah for a bit of dance music.

Has Candi had a facelift? She looks a bit feline if you know what I mean.

Phil said...

Love the pic Dan. You look different AGAIN!

And Candi's Wildenstien look... Kylie's got a touch of it too I'd say ;P

BTW, Out of Control. Love it. Love it. Love It.