Tuesday, 29 May 2007

How come it wasn't hot enough...

...for Andy Love (right) to take his top off at the PSB gig last night like he did here in Brazil in March this year? Damn.
Tricky. This is for you.


Tricky said...

Gulp. You're too kind.

He is divine. Ideal man. Australian too. I hope there's an accent.

I've half a mind to go to next week's second Hammersmith concert and bribe the management to turn off the air conditioning.

Phil said...


Enjoy Travis tonight; not one of them a 'looker' so your hormones should be calmer...

Tricky said...


I fancied Fran! He's been on a diet!

And if he can bounce around like that on stage, imagine... etc etc etc

I am off to take a tranquiliser.