Tuesday, 29 May 2007

The London Gay Pride line-up

In a way, I'm glad that Gay Pride (or Pride London to be correct) is now a shrunken version in Trafalgar Square. I couldn't be doing with the monster it turned into: those ticketed beer tents, the Ford Ka and Virgin Atalantic stalls, the Z-list pop acts and the bug-eyed dance tents all in a park in the nether regions of North London.

And, for the 2007 version, we're back to a hotch potch of rubbish, OK-ish and Whereshebeen acts. Hoorah! The list, according to Pink News is as follows:

Darren Haynes (their spelling! Not mine. But still rubbish)
Jimmy Sommerville (Whereshebeen)
UnkleJam (Fab)
Dragonettes (Fab)
Axe Girl (OK-ish)
QBoy (OK-ish)

and the rest I haven't heard of...

Mz Fontaine
Kelly and The Kelly Girls
Aquilas Kiss

Three disappointments though. Where are Nikki French, Carol Kenyon and Hazell Dean?

Hazell Dean. Obviously "Searchin'".


Tricky said...

I think you're missing Jocelyn Brown off that list too. I saw all of these Pride-circuit divas on consecutive Manchester August bank holidays a couple of years ago, and they work hard for the money. Playing to a carpark of pissed queens takes a very special sort of woman. But I think they love it. Jocelyn was about eleven months pregnant when I saw her perform. I think these divas have elephant gestation periods.

Phil said...

Jocelyn Brown! Of course! And I forgot Angie Brown (no relation)!

They DO work hard for their money. I remember seeing Carol Kenyon at a Mersey Pride (don't) which was in a car park behind the shittiest gay bar in Liverpool. And it was chucking it down.

J'ason D'luv said...

Aw, you don't like Dazza Hayes? You pulled a Haynes with Nicki French's name, though :P

Phil said...

Oh no! These bloody celebs. Always making up their own spellings!

Audra said...

This is great info to know.