Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Get out of our way. We're fabulous

Peter Tatchell is fabulous.

Richard Fairbrass is fabulous.

It takes more than a few well aimed punches and ignorant hatred to keep these queers down.

Isn't it funny how the anti-gay yobs, the Moscow police who protected them and the Mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov will forever be shooting themselves in the foot by reacting to gay people in such a violent way. They might as well run at a wall and be done with it. What would have been ignored by most of the world has turned into a mainstream media story generating nothing but revulsion for the homophobes. Well done them!

And even The Times were moved to admit, FINALLY, they and the rest of Britain could be "grudgingly proud" of Peter Tatchell. Hallelujah!


Tricky said...

I found this whole thing moderately jarring because (and I swear on a stack of bibles this is true) I saw Richard Fairbrass on Friday night. He lives very close to my office in Fulham so I see him there all the time. And he crossed the street right in front of me.

Then Trevor MacDonald arrived.

I promise!

But you're right! Go gays! etc!

Phil said...

I've never really been a Richard Fairbrass fan, esp. in light of his one point manifesto for London mayor: "I don't want to pay to drive my 4x4 in Fulham/Chelsea/Kensington" but after seing that pic, for a brief moment, I am a fan. Anyone who gets punched by a homophobe gets a big old gay hug from me.

And an ex of mine lives off Munster Rd, just by his house... so I know exactly where you mean! hahaha!