Saturday, 12 May 2007

Hear Rufus speak!

To take the name of the showbiz column in The Sun quite literally, how 'Bizarre' that Rufus Wainwright was on the front cover of this once homophobic rag. It was a banner ad for a huge Rufus interview inside where he said nothing new but did talk in depth about being in love WITH ANOTHER MAN. This wouldn't have happened even five years ago.

Anyhoo, checking that the interview might be on The Sun website, there, better still, was a podcast. Get to it HERE. I've heard Rufus speak before, but as it was on TV in the excellent South Bank Show doc, there were visuals to distract. Hearing Rufus talk in your headphones is very different; it attunes you to just how camp he is! I love it!

Kiki: the original cabaret terrorist

In fact, at times, I thought he sounded a lot like Kiki from Kiki & Herb. His friend, Justin Bond's Martini-soaked lounge singer character comes to mind at about 3:39 with a slurry piece about taking long walks in the park with his boyfriend. At 4:57, check out how he says 'Weetabix' with a Wainwright flourish.

As if that wasn't enough, Mark Lawson spoke to the boy de jour on Radio 4's Tuesday evening edition of Front Row. Get to it HERE and go to the column on the right. Either download the podcast of highlights from the week or Listen Again to the whole show from Tuesday (if you do listen again, you'll catch the camp theme tune to the Radio 4 soap The Archers at the beginning).

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