Thursday, 24 May 2007

Some Finnish Italian 'special' disco

Describing themselves as 'special disco', which I straight away took to mean something politically uncorrect, The Millioners are a magnificent retro/modern hybrid who wear their influences well. Cerrone, Visage, Duran Duran, Blancmange - they're all there. And just to balance the old with the new, is that Lorraine and Pleasure I detect? Well, The Millioners (love the name) are from Scandanavia as well, so I suppose it must be in the genes.

The four members don't have names, apparently, but they collectively have their own MySpace. They also have a new album, Most Sexiest Music, which you can pay good Euros for at the charmingly titled Stupido-Shop or the boringly titled iTunes.

Here's a couple of tasty little numbers of their most sexiest music:
My Great Regret is big, bold and beautiful with its confident bassline and sweeping chords. Lyrically it's very wistful, talking of missing out on the signs that could have lead to the BIG one. But it's not all looking painfully out of a Finnish window as one of the signs is that the singer's intended was dressed up in leather, in BED and in 'such hot weather'.

My Great Regret - The Millioners (mp3 Download)

Neon Sun sounds like Sylvester's come to play, but then, who else has arrived but Cerrone and the bass player from ABC! Fabulous! Where's the Malibu?

Neon Sun - The Millioners
(mp3 Download)

These are great songs with even better ideas and all self-produced. Imagine if these four lads were given the key to pop's golden door and ├╝ber-producers Xenomania got their hands on them? Hmm.

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Michael said...

Hey! Thanks for the e-mail & mp3 you sent me - enjoyed it (and these) a lot!