Tuesday, 3 April 2007

The 7 one-hit wonders...

...of my world, at least.

The criteria is: I only ever listen to one track of theirs and LOVE it; and there has to have been enough time passed for a decent follow-up but they haven't managed to. A couple of the acts, Ben & Jason and Dirty Vegas had entire albums of material to get into, but I couldn't. I only have ears for the tracks below.

In alphabetical order:

1) Ben & Jason - The Wild Things (mp3)
2) Damage - Ghetto Romance (mp3)
3) Dirty Vegas - Days Go By (mp3)
4) Galleon - So I Begin (mp3)
5) Grand Popo Football Club - Men Are Not Nice Guys (mp3)
6) Lene Marlin - Unforgivable Sinner (mp3)
7) Juliet - Avalon (mp3)


Tricky said...

Oh my gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!

I am so with you on Dirty Vegas and Galleon!

And did you ever hear Tu es foutu by Ingrid? Also from the summer of '03 and similarly amazing.

Phil said...

I've just googled it and yes, I do remember it. Aw. I'm sure it was played loads in one particular bar... Friendly Society?

Tricky said...

I think I heard it at work. Someone (clearly the most monstrous closet queen) kept putting it on, and I became completely hooked. Tu ma promis! etc etc

Tricky said...

... and Days go by was part of the soundtrack to the most ghastly break-up in human history.

That and Six days by DJ Shadow, which I think fits into your one-hit-wonders category. From my perspective anyway.

Phil said...

I love French pop. Sometimes I think I'm the only one in the world (except the whole of France, of course). Go to my post on 28 February and watch Tina Arena (now in the West End!) do a birrof la Francais...

Phil said...

awww. I don't want to remind anyone of their break-ups...

Adem IAR said...

"Unforgivable Sinner" is absolutely gorgeous, you are spot on. I however never bothered with her other stuff either, just didn't get me.

Although I think there are a couple of get-to-know gems on the Juliet album which need a couple of listens to really appreciate.

DanProject76 said...


I love that Ben And Jason song and play it to death yet have I ever hardly ever played their albums I own? No!

Dirty Vegas? Check!
Men Are Not Nice Guys? Shit album!

You bastard psychic!

Phil said...

Dan, glad to hear that Grand Popo FC produced a shit album. I've never heard it so I'll rest assured I won't need to now!
Adem, Stuart Price did the Juliet album so I should reasses!