Saturday, 5 January 2008

Can we talk here?

In 1984 I picked up this comedy album, Joan Rivers' What Becomes a Semi Legend Most?, for buttons in the HMV bargain bin. You can even see the - some would say unkind - notch in the bottom left of the sleeve (above) which marked out said bargains.

You see, back then, Joanie wasn't the 'Semi' legend she has become. But all the gayers knew her. So how my family never guessed what I would become when I walked in with this purchase I'll never know. I think I even had a giant poster of Bette Davis in All About Eve on my wall.

Anyhoo, for a new year giggle, nay HOWL, have a listen to this comedy gem. You've heard her routine a thousand times, but with Dame Joanie, it's always funny. The beauty of this live recording is the references to celebs of the time: stoopid Bo Derek; fat Elizabeth Taylor and, of course, the Royal Family, so prominent after the Lady Di injection.

What Becomes a Semi Legend Most (Side A) - Joan Rivers (zShare)
- Liberace
- The National Enquirer and UFO sightings
- Drugs
- Living in New York
- Before and after marriage
- Rock stars
- Men vs. women
- The Royal Family
- A great movie star

What Becomes a Semi Legend Most (Side B) - Joan Rivers
- How God divides
- Nurses and stewardesses
- Men she dated
- Being a bridesmaid
- Being Married
- Childbirth
- Heidi Abramowitz
- Going to the Gynecologist


Adem With An E said...

I just about wet myself with excitement downloading these treats. I *ADORE* Joan, my god. Have you ever caught her on The View? AMAZING. Especially when she talks about Faye Dunnaway farting.

D'luv said...

You Brits and Joan! You know, I used to ride the elevator at E! with her occasionally when I (and she) used to work there. That is one tiny meskite.

Anonymous said...

haha! That album is AMAZING!!! I love her.

Anonymous said...

part b is no longer available :(