Tuesday, 22 January 2008

La Wino in meltdown

Bugger all that chit chat about Amy Wino's 'Nosedive into oblivion' (quite good that one). I saw this on a certain gossip monger's site and thought it summed up the hoo hah perfectly.


Tricky said...

Did you see the new pics of her with the black beehive back? She looked startlingly fabulous.

A sudden mischievous theory: maybe Amy doesn't take drugs at all and the whole thing is a colossal PR stunt? I think she's been snorting sherbert and had sea salt in her crack pipe.

Adem With An E said...

No matter what she does, I still find her incredibly endearing and love, love, love her. Hopefully the rehab works out, because I want her better.

Phil said...

She does look good at the mo, better than the dead baby bird look she had in those Sun video clips.

with you on that adem