Tuesday, 22 January 2008

A page in your diary, babe...

It had to happen. Called Yazoo Reconnected, Vince and Alf are back together for a tour (and some re-packaged product)! It's totally coincidental that another all-time favourite band (known as Yaz in the US of A, pop fans, blah, blah, yadda, yadda), follows directly on the posts about Human League and ABC.

In May there's a box-set (obv.!) called In Your Room (a sly reference to the geeky nature of box-sets?) with every Yazoo recording, ever. Well, two albums' worth plus b-sides. And there's the rub about this band. Their huge influence belies the fact that they were only together for 18 months.

Alison Moyet and Vince Clarke were an odd pairing but perfect for each other too. They had that pop mystery: are they shagging each other? Are they gay? Are they a brother/sister combo? WTF? Together their sound was unique; Vince added the pop to Alf's Joni Mitchell poetry. Who cares that they didn't have much in common, the longevity of the music they created has surprised even themselves. With their very different individual work over the past 25 years, won't it be strange to see them back together?

Can't wait.

Goodbye Seventies - Yazoo (zShare) - From Upstairs at Eric's

Anyone - Yazoo (zShare) - From You and Me Both

The Other Side of Love (12" Mix) - Yazoo (zShare) - A one-off single release.

The tour dates are as follows: (exclusive pre-sale tickets are available on the 25th January from alisonmoyet.com)

• Wed 4th June, Glasgow Clyde Auditorium

• Sat 7th June, Manchester Apollo

• Thu 12th June, Wolverhampton Civic Hall

• Sun 15th June, Brighton Centre

• Wed 18th June, London Hammersmith Apollo

For more info and the full press release clicky here.

Nobody's Diary, video, 1983. Imagine Vince and Alf walking onto to the set (1:30) and realising the interpretation was quite literal. How 80s.


Andrew - iSay iSay iSay said...

I too am really pleased to hear about this and will of course be shelling out again for the albums. Shame there seems to be no unreleased material coming in the set but fingers crossed. I never thought I'd get to see Yazoo, 2008 has started off well!

Tricky said...

See you there...

Kenneth Walsh said...

Best music news I've heard since Blondie regrouped!

jal said...

Oh why can't they come to the US?