Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Emmon frenzy!

Ooh new-ish Emmon! I'm dying to see how the Swedish singer progresses after the cracking single Rock D'Amour. Although this remix of Frenzy Eyes is over a month old, it's probably indicitive as it's her own remix of herself. Keep up at the back! Hopefully the second solo album (her day job being a member of the band Paris) will actually happen. Frenzy Eyes is a solid, chunky piece of electronic pop and is available as a free download from her MySpace, or if you CBA (can't be arsed) with the link, it's just below.

Frenzy Eyes (Emmon RMX) - Emmon

And here are a few YouhooTubes with the gal in action. The first is a horribly stilted converstion between her and a German pop show host - love the segue from small talk about Emmon's holiday in the sun to the new record: "as hot as your, er, alboom?" - but seeing as both are talking in a second language, it's vare admirable and probably more eloquent than your average English-speaker anyway.

Here's Emmon live doing a budget Confessions set. It's actually a lovely Depeche-type electro ditty called Down Below (and no. She's NOT being rude!)

Clicky here to see Emmon at lucky 13 on my Top of the Pops of 2007. And here for my original post on Rock D'Amour.


One of my favourites from last year, The Tough Alliance (see number 4) have just pitched up on Pitchfork. Unfortunately, they sound like a right pair of Kevin the Teenagers, but I still love 'em.


Adem With An E said...

I do like this remix now that you mention it, though I gotta say it took reading your write up to convince me to listen to it again; it's been sitting in the downloads folder for about a week or so now.

THANK YOU for the YT vids... hadn't seen/heard of any of those...

Phil said...

'Twas a pleasure, Adem!