Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Kylie and Robyn! Together!

Well, it nearly happened and kind of maybe WILL happen. Whatevs. Apparently it CAN happen. Official. A music blogger's wet dream! In yesterday's interview with Digital Spy, Robyn details the oh-so-nearly opportunity where pop stars being pop stars just didn't have that window in each other's global schedules. Tut tut.

But there is hope for the future: "I'd love to work with Kylie, but who knows what would happen if we went into the studio together? Maybe we wouldn't come up with anything, or maybe we'd write ten songs. Every time you work with someone new, you never know if there's going to be chemistry."

Maybe they could do a mash-up?

With Every 2 Heartbeats?

Better the Bum Like You?

Red Blooded Konichiwa Bitches?

Je Ne Sais Pas That Girl?


D'luv said...

Or maybe they could slam pussy?

Phil said...

HAHAHAHAHA! Trust you!