Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Swedish Hot Lips

Another band with not much imagery, so, Major Houlihan here has kindly stepped in to illustrate this post.

S'funny this blogosphere world of music. Everything has to be so NEW. Whilst that's definitely a good thing, stop 'aplogizing' for discovering stuff after someone else, like five minutes afterwards. There are music nuts all over the wonderweb who don't care, they just share, and they're the ones I always rely on. A case in point about a band bloggers have pounced on whilst also issuing disclaimers are Pacific!: "They're Swedish... that's sooo 2006"; "I had this track ages ago but only just got around to playing it". Tsk. Just get on and ENJOY the music dammit.

(with their annoying 'screamer' - flipping heck I'm crotchity today) are a classic duo line-up from Gothenburg whose music has been described thus: "You’ve spent a sun-drenched day relaxing on the beach and you’re looking out at the ocean – see that very strong bright light on the water? That’s what new band Pacific! are all about, and it’s a warm sunny emotional feeling that imbues all of their music." Hot Lips, their last single, is a sparkling slice of pop. And their brand spanking new track on iTunes Number 1 consolidates their musical prowess. They have a new album due out early this year in the UK, France and Sweden called Reveries: "The name is inspired by one of Debussy's symphonies and our general way of finding inspiration and truth", explains the high-falutin' band.

Hot Lips - Pacific! (zShare)

And here's the simple and lovely video by their visual colloborator Stephane Manel who also drew the band portrait above.

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