Friday, 11 January 2008

Does anyone still listen to this sh*t?

(Posted By Steve on January 10, 2008 6:13 PM)

Lists. I'm bloody sick of 'em. Which is why, stumbling across this one, I was suddenly overcome with empathy, love and, yes, a little sex wee. All those lists of 'the best of 2007': Feist this, Robyn that (please forgive me). Mark Monohan's 'Perfect Playlist' of the top 10 songs of the 80s with Blondie's Call Me at number one! The Human League's Open Your Heart at number two! Fuck the all that nostalgia shit and give me someone with TASTE.

And to Steve who posted the actual comment underneath the Telegraph feature (read them all! They're hilarious. Don't Smiths/Jam fans take it SO seriously), erm, yes, you div.

I shall now do a Top of the Pops-style run down. The one where you sat and cheered or booed.

1 Blondie Call Me (1980) - Yay!
2 The Human League Open Your Heart (1981) - Yay!
3 Madness It Must Be Love (1981) - Yay!
4 Duran Duran Hungry Like the Wolf (1982) - Yay!
5 Heaven 17 Temptation (1983) - Yay!
6 The Pointer Sisters Jump (For My Love) (1984) - Boo!
7 Prince Let's Go Crazy (1985) - Yay!
8 Peter Gabriel Sledgehammer (1986) - Boo!
9 Pet Shop Boys Rent (1987) - Yay!
10 Neneh Cherry Manchild (1989) - Yay!

The choice of tracks has a deeper significance than just pivotal tracks of the 80s. Out of the entire canon of these bands, Rent, for instance is telling. It's an obsessive's favourite, as is Open Your Heart and Manchild. It's uncanny, I have eight "Yays" and two "Boos" and at various points in my life, these tracks have been MY favourites.

What do you think? Perfect playlist: Were these the 10 best songs of the '80s?

PS it's all gone italics! Ha!


DanProject76 said...

I could do without The Pointer Sisters and Peter Gabriel... and Madness' music now just makes me think of fishfingers. And weep.

But yeah. Rather good little list.

Adem With An E said...

That's a pretty nice list, but yes, fuck The Pointer Sisters and the Gabriel, and have them replaced with Madonna and Kylie respectively. Being the Madonna slut that I am, I find it hard to fathom a list of the 80's without at the very least "Like A Prayer" on it.

Phil said...

A very eclectic list and I love all them boys being boys commenting after the original Guardian post... "It's not a list of 80s without The Jam etc."

And TOT.ALLY A. GREE with the Madonna replacing that shitting Sledgehammer...