Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Put up yer Dukes!

I must stop with the lame-o post heads, but with newbie band Cobra Dukes it was crying out to be used. Way back in June, Arjanwrites threw his considerable spotlight on duo, Kyle Gibson and Lucas Gianello for the release of their first track Leave the Light On which was a more than promising start. Half a year down the line and they are living up to that initial promise. Airtight is a fantastically accomplished track, synth pop in cinemascope just bursting with ambition. And it's no fluke. Go listen to the other tracks over at TheirSpace, Science Fiction is a just as confident. It's a blessed relief to come across GOOD new music.

Popjustice and Paul Lester in The Guardian have both raved about them and there you can read all about the Mylo connection... And as with most new bands, there's always the temptation to compare: ABC circa Lexicon of Love is my opinion, for some reason I kept hearing the 4 Ever 2 Gether track.

Airtight - Cobra Dukes (zShare)

As for the band's imagery. Oof. Sort it out boys. Other than the acid-tracer imagery of last summer, the black and white Calvin Harris thing at the head of the post is IT. You've been photographed for Vogues Hommes by David Bailey, for fucks' sake, so the camera must love you in some way. Get 'em out!

Oh and apropos nothing; looking for said Vogues Hommes pics, I found these stylishly gorgeous promo vids for the Spring/Summer 07 and Autumn/Winter 07/08 (James Franco, who knew! And kiddies, try to ignore the Mario Testino fur shoot - boo you Mario!).

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xolondon said...

YES re: 4ever 2gether.

Speak. NO.