Friday, 25 January 2008

Lily TV

I'm looking forward to Lily's show, Lily Allen and Friends, about which she says: "There will be good celebrity guests, not rubbish...." The explosion in a wallpaper factory set looks great, if that is indeed it.

Behind-the-scenes, hot dogs, jumping frogs.

I'm not a big fan of the music but I like her attitude. Hopefully it won't be toe-curling like Gob-on-a-stick Church's awful chat show. And BBC Three promise to spread their shows across the web which is good news for those outside the UK. Go and have a nose around here.

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Adem With An E said...

Yes, I am excited about this! After catching Lily on The Friday Night Project (we're months behind here in Oz) the other night I remembered how much I loved her. Then I pulled out the episode of Buzzcocks she was on and decided her new television venture would definitely be on my to-download list once commencing.