Wednesday, 12 December 2007

'Ave it!

'Ave yourself a merry little Christmas, me dears. Today's festive choice, a cover originally made famous by Dame Judy of Garland, comes courtesy of Hem, the New York "countrypolitans" (what an odd word). Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas started off as a bit of a grim tune. In the film Meet Me in St Louis, Judy's character is singing it to her lil' sis to placate her after she got all upset about the whole family having to up sticks from St Louis to New York. In context with the narrative, the original words go: "Have yourself a merry little Christmas/It may be your last" [in our St Louis home], but the Hollywood Execs thought it too morbid, as if Margaret O'Brien, (lil' sis) was dying, so they had the whole thing changed to: "Let your heart be light".

It's terrr-oo!

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - Hem (zShare)

And watch out for a very special post tomorrow. It's a night of a thousand 80s pop stars at Christmas, together on ONE DOWNLOAD. And I'm NOT talking Band Aid 1 or 2...

Here's a clue.


Adem With An E said...

!!!!!!!!!! (RE: Tomorrow's post)

Tricky said...

I saw the poster for your 80s extravaganza on Sunday at Wembley Arena (Crowded House: very good; very non-camp) and wondered how it had passed me by not to get tickets. Hope the 'Rams are/were good.

re: Christmas Songs. I am assuming you are waiting for the very final moment to unleash the best Christmas song ever? I speak, not of 'Christmas Wrapping' but Darlene Love's 'All Alone on Christmas' from Home Alone 2.

Incidentally, I also saw a song called 'Homo Christmas' on that page that XO is linking to today. You gotta check that out too. It's very funny.

Phil said...

Oh, gawd! I just couldn't do those 80s nostalgia shows... I'd rather have the 'Rams doing a show WITHOUT Curiousity Killed the Cat...

Best Christmas song ever? It has to be the Homo Christmas one at the mo'. I'm 'slipping it in' to any compilations people are asking for this year! hehe.

Adem: !!!! Look at today!