Tuesday, 18 December 2007

A Christmas Message from The Queen

Please be standing. His Royal Sleazeness, Marc Almond has a Christmas message for the whole land on his brand spanking new site: clicky here for a looksee. Go to the NEWS section (dated 15th December) for his festive best wishes and round-up of what has been a tremendous and milestone year for him. That dreadful accident left him virtually for dead. It was awful. But 2007 has seen him ever more productive and creative. The results of which were the amazing Stardom Road album, the hugely memorable 50th (!) birthday concert in London, the sold out UK tour and a myriad of high profile guest appearances all over the shop.

Of his first tentative shows this year at Wilton's Music Hall in London he says: "Wilton's is a special, atmospheric place; a London Jewel under threat. It feels like a performing home to me and I hope to return there regularly." And his momentous birthday concert at Shepherd's Bush Empire I reported here: "It was a brilliant evening that I shall never forget, one of my best ever shows. It was a milestone day, my 50th birthday, and the fact that I was alive to celebrate it made it more special."

I think I'm going to cry.


Today's Christmas song isn't a Eurovision special but a George Harrison 70s chug-along. It's like that record the whole pub sing along to in Educating Rita: it sounds familiar but was never really a hit. Written for his 1974 album, Dark Horse, like a lot of George's stuff, it's infectiously catchy. Marv.

Ding Dong, Ding Dong - George Harrison

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Anonymous said...

Obviously I am chuffed that MArc A. gives Marc B. such credit in his thanks to fans and friends.
I am pleased that he recovered from his accident and I look forward to the dvd of the concerts, I hope the duet with Gloria will feature on it!