Sunday, 2 December 2007

Gary Barlow's Christmas past

Take That's Gary Barlow has been flogging his songs for years as this clip from 1986 shows. Looking like Aled Jones with hair on his bollocks, this earnest 15 year old lad is singing his little heart out with a self-penned composition. Every Christmas, the daytime BBC show Pebble Mill at One (Tricky knows this programme ALL too well) would hold their Song For Christmas competition. These were songs written and performed by school children with the finals happening over the Christmas holidays so everyone could laugh at the spods taking part!

Apparently, Gary played his song Let's Pray For Christmas to his mum and his music teacher. His mum, being all supportive and that, thought it was a "bit slow and dull" but the music teacher loved it. It came third or fourth in the semi-finals. Bless.


Here's today's Christmas song. With the gorgeous silky "Ooohs" doing a jazzy Jingle Bells intro, this song by Julie London (born Gayle Peck, wonder why she changed her name?) should be listened to by a Christmas tree with a Hendricks Gin and Tonic in one hand and a boyfriend/girlfriend in the other.

I'd Like You For Christmas - Julie London (zShare)


Adem With An E said...


The Gary video is gone!


(Thank you for Julie!)

Phil said...

It's still there on my screen. How odd...

DanProject76 said...

Seen the Gary video before and am too traumatised by the last time to dare click it again. I think they should incorporate that track into another special edition of the album. For Christmas. Ahhh. Not.

Electroqueer said...

Hi Phil - those are some great pictures of Oxford Street. I never really paid too much attention to all the christmas cheer before but this year in London is quite magical. I especially love the Nokia modern art-esque installments they have on Regent you know what i mean?! I want one in my living room! Raj :)

Robbie said...

There's a brief clip of that Gary vid in the Take That: For The Record documentary. Schmaltz!

He wrote in his book that he lip-synced (obviously), but, yeah, look at the determination in his eyes.