Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Last Christmas (version 217 and counting)

Whoa! Go easy on Rudolph there, George-ous!

With their chunky knits and chunkier hair George-ous Michael and Andrew Ridgely were on course to top the UK charts in December 1984 as the cherry on the cake to their fab year. And then along came Band Aid. Last Christmas was kept off number 1 and has never bothered the top since. But bloody hell, it's never stopped selling. There's a lot of kerchinging every day when it's played a million times and downloaded like buggery around the world.

And the universal obsession doesn't stop there. This brilliant site, called, funnily enough, has painstakingly and lovingly put together as many cover versions of Wham!'s festive favourite. Think of a genre and it's covered. They've even started a list of artists who HAVEN'T done it.

Come Boxing Day, I start listening to the original b-side Everything Thing She Wants.


Today's Christmas song comes courtesy of and in keeping with the theme, there are more than one...

Last Christmas - Britt Nicole
(zShare) - she's Christian Rock, apparently, but hey ho, it's actually a very listenable sub-Kelly Clarkson!

Last Christmas - Mon)tag (zShare) - a creatively different electro/folk thing.


Adem With An E said...

That's quite a brilliant find there... Was incredibly pleased to see the Whigfield version mentioned on there too.

Phil said...

I'd forgotten all about the Whigfield one. Can't remember if she had a special 'dance' for it either...

D'luv said...

All pale in comparison to the superior Ashley Tisdale rendition!

Adem With An E said...

I remember the version she released being quite in your face, but then there was a SUPER high energy remix that followed which COMPLETELY BLOWS MY SOCKS OFF to this day. I must find it.