Friday, 21 December 2007

Christmas Selection Box

That's it! Work done. Finished. And relax. Well, until you're wherever you're going to for Christmas. I'm off back home to Newcastle, yes folks. I'm one of them there Geordies complete with accent. I left work early and came through Chelsea which was heaving with office parties spilling out of pubs and posh old women, all fur coat and no knickers, poking their way down Kings Road. Anyhoo, here's a few small stocking fillers for today.


Bitchslapped for Christmas. Season's Greetings from EastEnders.

Yawnzzzz. Crap characters no one could give a fig for. Bring back Den 'n' Ang (from the dead of course).


It Doesn't Often Snow at Christmas - Pet Shop Boys,
TFI Friday, C4, Dec 2000

Ropey vocals from Neil. I think it's too high, love! This is from that Chris Evans show but Dame Elton introduces the Boys. Oh, he is funny with his quick one-liners. And see Chris Lowe dressed as Wizzard.


Gawd! Ain't they ugly!

Mine and La Corgan's paths never really crossed when they were populaire. I was too into dance music and they were a million miles away on some faux goth planet. But the meeting of minds came when I heard this a couple of years ago. It's bloody lovely! Here's today's Christmas song for ya!
Christmastime - Smashing Pumpkins (zShare)


DanProject76 said...

Oh my eyes! the Pumpkins have blinded me!

They look like someone has drawn their faces on.


Good Christmas tunes though.

Anonymous said...

well as for EE sadly Ange and Den won't make it back, but we will see Frank Butcher buried in January and thus RICKAAY and Bi plus Janine will return to the Square,I hope the story lines will pick up by then ........ain't it sad, being swiss getting the best chocs ever ona daily basis,but I crave that Cadbury's selection:):):)

Merry Crimbo!