Saturday, 8 December 2007

Rufus the cover star

Rufus as the surprising cover star of (the not gay) Esquire UK January edition. This is the subscriber's edition. Wot, no coverlines? Go here to see the witty news stand version.

His thoughts on pop music after discussing the craft with Neil Tennant: "I think a lot of pop music is based on foundations that have already been built... they're all very strong, whether it's disco or R&B or whatever. But it's like building a ruin on a ruin. There's no height to it".

On the current tour with his his unfeasibly large band: "I'm taking a tremendous loss. Which is fine. It's very old school. It's my Ziggy Stardust tour! Thank god I have the ability to do solo shows to make up the difference". Interestingly enough, he has learned about adapting shows to suit overheads from his parents: "They were very popular then disco came in and it was like the plague. They had to survive. They had to downsize quickly and fast... and successfully"

The whole piece is a bit bland for a cover feature. Maybe THAT'S the shocking revelation after all the jaw-on-floor press he's done this year: Rufus can be mainstream and ordinary.

Todays Christmas song comes courtesy of La Rufus. A bittersweet little number.
Spotlight on Christmas - Rufus Wainwright (zShare)

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J'ason D'luv said...

Ooh, thanks for the heads up on this, sexy!