Tuesday, 11 December 2007

They're back, back, BACK!

S'OK boys, don't get up...

All that disappearing and stuff, Lorraine, have slunk back into view shrugging their shoulders like what was all the fuss about. But we were worried... OK? XO's Middle Eight reported a month back of their plans for a 'new' single and general business of the band. Saved is out now on iTunes and here's the second carriage of the Lorraine parade: Digital Spy have a neat little interview with singer Ole Gunderson. In it he puzzles over questions about changing labels: "I think the setup is pretty much the same, even if it says something else on the record." and talks about the forthcoming album Euphoria, "Euphoria - sounds of love and happiness. We've written lots of great songs - some uptempo ones, some ballads. There's stuff people will have heard from concerts, and some stuff that's totally new, but to me it all sounds like euphoria."

Here's something to be chewing on until said album appears: a chunky little electro mix of Heaven...
Heaven (Sébastien Léger Electro Dub Mix) - Lorraine (zShare)


And today's Christmas song is a right old hippy affair in keeping with the 70s 'medieval revival'. The BBC purloined this Mike Oldfield ditty (originally a Christmas hit in 1975) for the background to its Christmas TV schedule in the 80s and In Dulci Jubilo has the remarkable ability to SMELL like patchouli oil as you listen. Think tangerines though and it'll be dead Christmassy instead.

In Dulci Jubilo - Mike Oldfield (zShare)

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xolondon said...

Scoop! I did not know it's called Euphoria!