Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Doctor Where?

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Picture the scene, I'm passing St Paul's Cathedral on the way into work (as you do) when who do I bump into but some Cybermen! They were a bit busy being filmed so couldn't stop to chat. Even the pigeon wrangler was hard at it.

K-9 was in the middle of the stairs (though quite how he got there I'll never know) and there were even two Tom Baker lookalikes (marked 'TB' on the pic).

So what a bloody letdown to find out from Detective Dan it was actually Eastenders filming a storyline about a day out at a Doctor Who convention and not the (un)real thing. Pah! And here's the confirmation. And here.


Today's Christmas song is a classic. Eartha Kitt's version of Santa Baby purrs old school cheekiness especially when halfway through she asks for a yacht, "And really, that's not. A lot."

This post reminds me of a great story about the veteran singer. Appearing in cabaret in London about 15 years ago, nightly she was carried in by nubile young stallions on a chaise longue as her trademark entrance. One evening though, the boys hadn't quite got it down when she leapt off too high for the opening line and landed so heavily, her mouth snapped open and out flew her false teeth straight into the first row. She obviously didn't hang 'round to look for them and the next day cancelled the rest of her run and went home. Someone, somewhere has those gnashers!


Santa Baby - Earth Kitt (zShare)


Yuяi said...

Dayum! That's harsh, losing your toofers like that...! Eartha no doubt needed to put a new set on her hastily revised Christmas list back in the day!

Phil said...

Or maybe stronger gum glue!

Phil said...

Or maybe stronger gum glue!

Dave said...

Oh, you just have to watch a video of Eartha singing 'santa baby' where she wears nothing but a white fur. Lovely song for Christmas.